Egypt & Europe is a law firm institution specialized in international legal consulting, providing essential legal requirements and necessary legal services for business companies, investment projects, both international and local and covering the legal needs for individuals all over the world.

We have a selected group of international partners and that gives us the ability to submit legal advices & legal support to all our clients across the glob.

We provide a full legal service for companies in corporate matters & their issues starting from incorporation to company dissolution, or division or liquidation and a significant part of our work relates to mergers and acquisitions with foreigners a cross-border.

We are qualified to handle court cases in all levels of the Egyptian court system and in front of the national authorities; our firm's members have an extensive experience in the other forms of dispute resolution such as national and international arbitration.

With regard to our Litigation & Arbitration, we are representing clients mainly in: Our team is a committed to submit high-standard legal services for our clients through following a policy centered around client interest, desired results achievement, applying the highest standards of fair practice and ethics.

Our priority is an integrated and efficient approach in overcoming legal problems and achieving clients’ strategic goals what enabling us to produce viable and genuine results to our clients.

About us

Egypt & Europe is a professional team of attorneys highly skilled in several branches of law, have high level degree in law, graduate from Cairo & Alexandria University the biggest universities in the Middle East, well trained on law practice and members in The Bar association of Egypt and The Arab Lawyers Union.

We opened our main office in Hurghada in 2001; we have a wide experience in dealing with foreign Clients, we are proud to support foreigners & investors who wish to start business or investment projects in Egypt or those who decided to live in Egypt.

We have an extensive experience and fluency in several languages allow us to offer our clients, both international and local, the best legal services and the highest quality of representation in commercial matters.

We use our professional experience and our stock of legal knowledge for achievement of positive results for our clients, as in court, and pre-judicial settlement, a resolution of disputes with tax departments and other.

We strive continuously to update our attorneys' knowledge and their legal skills to keeps them always abreast of the newest laws & modern standards in business in many countries as a way to increase their ability to provide creative legal solutions for our clients.

We were the legal experts for some European projects in Egypt such as: The Twinning Project to support Egypt in the field of Real Estate Taxation. We shared in the preparation meetings & discussions of the project at Cairo in September & October 2008. We participated in the preparatory and executive discussions of the Real estate Tax Law (The law No 196 in 2008).

Senior Partners of Egypt & Europe:

Mr. Hussein Emam El Banna (B.A. of law at 1999, Alexandria University) Specialist in Commercial Law, Investment Law, Real Estate Issues

Mr. Ahmed Hemly Soliman (B.A. of law at 1998, Alexandria University, on Appellate degree) Specialist in Civil law, National & International Arbitration, Contractual disputes, Maritime Commercial Law, Companies Law.

Internationals Members

JURISGUARD Cabinet de Maître JAECK – Avocat à la Cour

Mr. Francois Jaeck

4 Place Guerry - BP 30217 / 41006 Blois Cedex – France

E-mail: jaeck.avocat@jurisguard.eu

Teamwork members of the firm:
More than 30 lawyers are teamwork members of the firm.